Ciara Under Fire . . . For REFUSING To Use Black Dancers . . . In New 'Level Up' VIDEO!! (Tea)

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R&B singer Ciara is coming under fire - by her fans and friends - for refusing to hire Black dancers for her new music video Level Up. The new video LEVEL UP has a lot of dancers in it - and some GREAT dance moves. But No Black dancers.

Ciara typically uses choreographer Jamaica Craft for her videos - and hires dancers locally. Many of her dancers are from either the Atlanta or the Los Angeles area. And whenever Ciara uses Jamaica - the ethnic makeup of her dancers is ALWAYS diverse. Because Jamaica insists that Black dancers be included.

Well Ciara decided to go with a different choreographer for her new Level Up video. The new choreographer is from New Zealand. And she used ONLY dancers from New Zealand.

Given that the population in New Zealand is less than 1% Black . . . it's not surprising that NONE of the dancers in the video were Black.

In the music video, Ciara (in a black bodysuit bearing the name of her song in sparkly letters) and a cast of backup dancers (in matching orange sweatshirts) dance to the beat in a sparse room.