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Ciara and her husband have officially been married for three years, and in celebration of their marriage, Ciara posted a touching video featuring a few of the couple's highlights.

While Ciara's video featured images from the couple's European wedding, the birth of their children and other emotional moments together, Russell's video showed the couple speaking directly into the camera, excited about their anniversary.

"Year three, my love. Happy anniversary. I love you," Russell said in the video." 

"I love you happy anniversary," she replied.

 "You know, she's a special, special woman. The way you love, I love that about you," Russell gushed.

"The way you love our kids. She's such a great mom, he continued. "You're such an inspiration to so many ladies around the world. I love you for who you are. Many more years of love, fun, joy, and kids."

Ciara echoed every sentiment in the video. They certainly looked happy.