Ciara Offers ADVICE To Women - 'How To DUMP Babys Father . .  And Marry Man Of Your Dreams'

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R&B singer Ciara, 32 years old, managed to get away from her baby's father  Future - and marry the man of her dreams - NFL star Russell Westbrook. And now she's offering advice to women looking to upgrade their situations as well.

CiCi dropped some JEWELS OF WISDOM during a recent interview with Essence magazine.

The magazine wrote, "Since bursting on the scene in 2004, Ciara’s infectious personality, commitment to community service, and her ability to bounce back from a heartbreaking relationship to love again has made her a role model for other moms whose previous relationships haven’t turned out as planned."

And here's the good pieces of advice that Essence is reporting:

“I took a moment to pause and to really reflect on the journey and where I was at that moment of even looking at love again,” she tells the publication. “I think that it’s really important for [women] to know exactly what we want and be clear about it and also be patient."

She explains how she would write down what she wanted, so her vision would be more real. "I’m a believer in seeing it, speaking it, and writing it down,” she explains.

“I didn’t know I was going to meet my husband when I did, and that was really a blessing and I believe it was God’s timing. But I was patient and was willing to be still for as long as I needed to have the best partner I could have in my life.”