Ciara Looked AMAZING At The American Music Awards!! (Look At Her BODY)

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Ciara has been the picture of "body" goals for some time. But last night Russell Wilson's wife elevated herself to GODDESS status.

Ciara stepped out onto the red carpet at the American music Awards, and she looked BREATHTAKING. This may be the best that she's EVER looked.

The American Music Awards was not very well received by viewers last night. Many on social media called the awards show "boring." And early reports show that it may have been the lowest rated Awards show in recent history.

But Ciara got glowing reviews from people on social media. By most accounts, she won "best dressed" for the evening.

And her son Future - who was her date for the evening - looked adorable in that suit!!


The 32-year-old singer - who also has 16-month-old daughter Sienna with Russell - is currently busy on tour with Bruno Mars and joked the key to balancing her work and family life is to schedule time to sleep.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I've been having a blast on tour with Bruno. He's one of the best performers of all time, and it's all about a balancing act and organised chaos with the schedule, because it's literally like, hop off the plane from Boston and fly back to Seattle to go to Russ' game.

"Then get back on the plane again and then I come here for rehearsals for AMAs, and then I fly to another game the other day. Then I wake up and take them to school.

"So, it's a balancing act. The key to it is making sure you map out sleep in your schedule. If you map out sleep, you can survive the chaos of life, and the balancing act of having kids and family and work."