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As baby's mothers go, Ciara seems to be fairly reasonable, and rather than take subliminals at Future in her songs and on social media, she's heading to mediation to work through their latest issue.

TMZ reports that they have obtained legal documents from Ciara's legal team is asking the court to force Future to enter mediation so they can work out a new travel itinerary for their 4-year-old son, Future Jr.

They are reporting that if Future turns down the mediation, only then will Ciara forward to a trial to settle the matter. 

Ciara has reportedly had it up to the eyeballs with Future's inconsistency. He allegedly cancels scheduled visits regularly, and when he does have his son, he drops them off to his mother or grandmother without spending much time with him.

All Ciara wants is what's best for her son. But we all know what Future's been busy doing...