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To promote her new album, 'Beauty Marks,' Ciara has stripped down to almost nothing, except a pair of sneakers.

The pic is tasteful, as Cici strikes a pose which hides all of her "Goodies" as she stares into the camera, rocking a sleek, high ponytail and a pair of Nikes.

The album is named after her own label, and back in February, she spoke about why she decided to create 'Beauty Marks Entertainment.'

"The mantra of the company is that all the scars we get from the obstacles we face in life are beauty marks. When you go through adversities and face challenges, embrace them because they make us who we are. They give us the wisdom we need to survive. I started off signed to Arista records and then shortly after, I was about to put out my first song," she told them.

"The label folds, the executive that signed me went to another label, and I had to re-audition for another label to hope that they would give me a shot to put out my first song that I had already prepared to put out. And then another change happened in that system and I had to switch to another system. Sometimes you don't know it's happening but those tough moments build your character. They give you wisdom and so you have to embrace those moments because they really turn out to be beauty marks."

Stream 'Beauty Marks' below.