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Rusell Wilson will do anything for his lovely wife, Ciara - even carrying her purse.

Ciara filmed her NFL hubby carrying her Chanel purse - and he didn't seem to mind it one bit.

“When your man holding your purse for you, you know it’s real!” she said on her Instagram Stories as she filmed her husband carrying her black Chanel tote bag down a hallway.

“You know I got you, but dang, I got to use all my muscles to carry this thing, how much stuff you got in here?” Wilson quipped.

“Gotta be prepared! This is girl life, it’s just what we have to do!” Ciara then responded.

“Girl, mommy, and businesswoman, all in one!” her husband added.

Ciara then replied, “Exactly! You see, you understand!”

We're not exactly sure why Wilson had to carry her purse. Maybe Ciara was holding their baby - but he seems very comfortable with it.

While some folks think that it's a man's duty to carry his wife's purse at some point or another, some thinks she is clowning Russell and calling him a "simp."

On Facebook, the debate over the purse-carrying continued:

"I don't have any problem with that but when you do it for attention, it just piss me off. She doing nothing but recording him. This girl love attention so damn much that she will let he me do anything," one viewer wrote.

"A straight b*tch boy he the man what kind of sh*t is this" another wrote.

Another wrote: "That dude is clearly a sucker and she licking his ass...the smart ones smashed and kept it moving."

Some viewers had a different point of view:

"What’s the problem? I know we’re not questioning his sexuality. If I tell my man, or ask him, to hold my purse, KNOW it’s my MF purse!"

Is he simpin' or is he just being a dutiful husband? Let us know.