R&B singer Ciara is having a hard time getting people to buy or stream her new album Beauty Marks. According to the website HitsDailyDouble, CiCi is slated to sell only 100 albums, and her new EP is not in the top 20 albums this week.

So now she's resorting to begging her fans to buy her album at a live concert in Los Angeles yesterday.

Ciara asked the roaring audience, "Now I want to know . . . who has the Beauty Marks album." Unfortunately for Cici, very few in the audience responded to her question. It was a rare moment of silence in the jam packed arena.

Then Ciara decided to change up her approach. She told the audience, "After this performance, I want everyone to download the album . . . in fact you can stream it right now if you want too."

Again, the crowd was unusually silent - as if all the wind was sucked out of their lungs.

Ciara - realized that here was an uncomfortable silence then asked the crowd, "Can I hear a yeah?" Once again, the crowd held their collective tongues.

The whole thing was very cringeworthy. Watch the below video, it Starts at 4:01.