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Ciara and her NFL husband, Russell Wilson are reportedly unfazed by Future's recent jabs at them.

Earlier this week, Future said:

"He does exactly what she tells him to do. I feel like… I do not have feelings. He isn’t being a man in that position. He’s not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the internet. Do not even talk to him. I am your husband! You better not bring Future’s name up even!’ If that was me, she could not even bring his name up. She knows that. She could not even bring her exes’ names up [when we were together]."

A source close to the married couple told HollywoodLife that they are choosing the high road:

“Russell treats their son just like his own and always has,” they told HL. 

“The only thing that matters to Russell and Ciara are the kids, which is why they are ignoring the comments Future has made so it’s really easy for them to ignore the comments and they really aren’t surprised he’s making them.”

Future is coming across a little bitter. Maybe his stance will change when he finally decides to settle down.