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A 61-year-old grandmother from Cincinnati was arrested and charged with assault, after she allegedly threw hot grease on another woman during an argument.

Charlene Thompson allegedly heated up fish grease in a frying pan, and threw it at a woman, according to police.

The victim suffered severe burns to her back and arms following the alleged attack. She was taken to the hospital, but is expected to survive the incident.

Charlene has eight grandchildren, and according to her social media pages, she regularly attends church. It's not clear what the two women were arguing about - or whether the two were friends.

But before Charlene turned her life over to God, she had a ton of run ins with the law.

Here is some of her past criminal history, courtesy of the NY Post:

Thompson has an extensive criminal history, according to the station, including charges of assault and other crimes in March 2008 after police said she punched a victim in the face. Those counts, however, were later dropped, WXIX reports.

She was also charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated in 2008, but that charge was dismissed.

Later that year, Thompson was accused of kicking a police officer in Cincinnati and spitting on an officer during an incident in July 2008, according to a criminal complaint.

In August 2007, Thompson was convicted of criminal trespass after police said she entered an assisted living facility without authorization and assaulted a resident. She was also charged with assault, but that charge was dropped as part of a plea agreement, court records show.

And in 2006, Thompson was hit with domestic violence charges for allegedly striking her daughter on Christmas Eve, but that charge was also dismissed months later, WXIX reports.