CHURCH FOLK Are Upset With Christian Actress Meagan Good . . . They're Saying . . . She Had Her 'BUTT OUT' . . . At The Golden Globes!! (Do You AGREE?)


Actress Meagan Good attended the Golden Globes last night - wearing a very SEXY, but appropriate dress.

Well the HOLY ROLLERS on social media don't seem to think so. You see Meagan's husband DeVon Franklin is a Christian minister - and people feel that Meagan has to dress "conservatively" because of his status in the church.

There was a minor OUTRAGE last night one social media - where people were saying that Meagan had her "butt out."

The holy rollers may want to line up their fans... Meagan's up for a Foxy Brown reboot, ala Pam Grier in the seventies.