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Christian Pastor: 'I Beat My Wife EVERYDAY' . . . 'Yet We Are The Best Couple On Earth'


A Pentecostal church pastor named Jackson Edekin has gone viral for making some SHOCKING claims on social media. The pastor appeared to brag about how he "beats his wife every day." According to Pastor Edekin, he and his wife are "still the best couple on earth."

As you can imagine, the comments have people all over the world going CRAZY.

Pastor Edekin made the below comment under a Facebook post about domestic violence. In the post, women were told that they should DIVORCE an abusive husband. Here's what Pastor Edekin wrote:


In the comments, the pastor said, "There Is no marriage that cannot be fixed, that leaving a marriage because you are beaten is not the best options." He then appeared to reveal that he beat his wife everyday yet they are the best couples on earth.

He continued: “How many of our mothers left because they were beaten. It’s only an insane man that will beat the wife for no cause. The question is why was the woman beaten. If you know why you are beaten then go find solution to stop.”

“My advice is go find out about whom you are marrying. A lady/guy that insult you while dating will beat you up if married. A guy/lady that can leave you for another while dating what do you think will stop them if they are married. I beat my wife everyday, yet we are still the best couple on earth”.

Pastor Edekin's congregation is currently in an UPROAR over these comments. The pastor's church is in Nigeria.