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Christian Minister BREAKS UP With His Fiance . . . Two Weeks Before The Wedding . . . By TEXT MESSAGE!! (We Have His SORRY AZZ EXCUSE . . . Inside)

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The minister had participated in a relationship both physical and emotional with Monique when (he later advised) he had a standing "vow to God" to marry his ex-fiancee, who had canceled their wedding some time prior. Opting to lie by omission, he was able to manipulate the situation and take whatever it is he wanted out of it, for as long as he wanted to do so.

On the day of March 24, 2017, he reached out to his prior fiancee unbeknownst to Monique, to confirm whether or not she would have him. All signs advised that she would.

Tommy text messaged Monique in the last hour of her work day and simply stated the wedding was canceled with no prior indication or ensuing explanation. As they had been having a petty argument throughout the day, she figured their differences would be resolved later that evening. At the very least, there was an expectation of a final conversation to discuss doubts, agree on a decision and discuss how to proceed. On a whim, she reached out to the pastor who confirmed the wedding was indeed off of the calendar, and his stepmother, who advised the same. All attempts at conversation were declined by Minister Alsbrooks, as if no explanation was owed, and he opted to simply collect his things from Monique's home and to leave as if nothing happened.

He left Monique's things on her doorstep the following morning without so much as a knock on the door, blocked her from all social media to reinstall his past fiancee on such sites, and offered little to no explanation at all.