Chrissy Teigen Disrespects John Legend On Twitter - Calls Him A 'B*TCH'!!


Superstar singer and songwriter John Legend is going viral this morning, MTO News has learned, after his wife Chrissy Teigen called him a "b*tch" in public - on Twitter.


Chrissy has been known to have public feuds on social media, and she's known for doing way to much during those public feuds.

But by insulting her husband's manhood in front of millions of people, she may have stepped over the line.

The couple has apparently been fighting during the quarantine. And so Chrissy decided to take their fight public. 

The celebrity wife leaked a portion of John's album on her Instagram page. And she claimed that it was "revenge" for something he said during the couple's argument:

John tried to make light of the situation, and refer to what Chrissy was doing as "promotion." But Chrissy then blasted her husband publicly - and called him a "b*tch."


John and Chrissy married in 2013. During that year, John created his hit song "All of Me" which was written and is dedicated to her; the music video was reportedly displayed at their wedding. The couple had a daughter, Luna, in April 2016 and a son, Miles, in May 2018.