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Chrissy Teigen defended her pal, Kim Kardashian for doing "damage control" after Kanye West's famed Twitter rants.

Teigen and her husband, John Legend sat down with Andy Cohen on during a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” and was asked by a caller how they feel about Kim always having to clean up Kanye's mess.

“Coming from a wife’s perspective, all you want to do — the roles are probably reversed in this," she said referring to her own Twitter rants.

"But all you want to do is protect the person that you love and be able to defend them at all costs... We all have our separate identities and we believe different things and as much as you love somebody they’re going to f*ck up sometimes and they’re going to say weird things,” she said.

We already know how fiercely loyal Teigen is with the ones she loves. Something her and Kim evidently have in common.

Watch the clip below.