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When it was revealed that Chris Darden would be representing Nipsey Hussle's killer, Eric Holder, social media was in an uproar and now his daughter Jeneé Darden is reportedly being harassed by Nipsey fans.

"I've been receiving vile comments and messages since news broke that my father, Chris Darden, is the defense attorney for the man accused of killing Nipsey Hussle," she wrote. 

"Like many of you I found out about my father's involvement in the case while scrolling social media. I was not prepared for this backlash that has triggered back memories from the O.J. Simpson trial. My father is a grown man and has been a defense attorney for some time. I have no say in the cases he takes on."

Her father was an attorney on the prosecution for during the O.J Simpson trial. Fans of Nipsey are both disappointed and outraged that Darden would defend Nipsey's alleged killer.

Her social media accounts are currently private.