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NOT AGAIN!! Chris Brown Is In TROUBLE . . . He Allegedly 'ATTACKED' African Girl . . . And SMASHED Her Brand New iPHONE!! (Anger Management Is NOT Working For Breezy)


Chris Brown is in trouble in Kenya - and he may be facing jail time. According to multiple reports, Chris Brown allegedly "smashed" a female fan's iPhone when she was trying to take a photo with him. Those actions are considered a CRIME in the African nation.

Here is how it is being reported:

American R&B star Chris Brown smashed a fan's mobile phone when she tried to take a selfie with the singer on his arrival at the Moi International Airport, Mombasa, on Saturday.

Speaking to the Nation, the fan, who said she was “deeply disappointed by the artist’s action,” wondered why Brown, a renowned singer, grabbed her phone and threw it away, landing on the floor.

“I was with my friends and was trying to take a selfie when he grabbed the phone from the back. I was shocked.

"I have a ticket for the show but I won’t attend it. Brown should know that we like his songs but he has to respect his fans,” she said.

“I bought my iPhone 6 last month at Sh90,000 and seeing it being tossed off like a mulika mwizi (a cheap feature phone) was bad."

The fan has reportedly contacted Kenyan officials, who are looking into the matter.