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Chris Brown Roasts Kanye West's New Haircut

Chris Brown is still mad about Kanye West leaving him off his Dona album and roasted his new haircut on social media.

"He asked the barbour for the f*cked up worldwide fade. N*gga wanna make 'what the f*ck' in style. He got the punishment haircut."

Breezy called Ye "a whole h*e" after he dropped his Donda album without the verse he recorded -- but Ye's manager, Bu Thiam, claimed they were back on good terms.

 "Listen, it's Kanye's album, man. He's painting his picture, so, you can't tell someone to use your verse or not use your verse. It's a thousand and one artists that didn't make the album," he said to TMZ.


"No disrespect, Chris is like my little brother. That's family," said Thaim. Ye reached out to Breezy and squashed it. "Soulja Boy, it's all love. It wasn't intentional. But Ye is a producer. His job is to find the best parts in the music and add it to his creative process."

Breezy isn't over it.