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R&B star Chris Brown is allegedly hurt over the fact that his ex-girlfriend Rihanna is still dating her billionaire beau, Hassan Jameel.

“Chris is crushed, he had no idea Rihanna was still dealing with Hassan,” a source close to him told HollywoodLife. “He fully believed they were over and done for good so it’s a real blow to find out they were out for a romantic dinner. Chris is taking it hard because he was really getting his hopes up.”

We don't understand why Chris would be upset over it. After their relationship ended, Rihanna actually gave him another chance and allegedly he blew it by also seeing girlfriend Karrueche at the same time.

The pair are reportedly friends, or at least in touch from time to time, but Rihanna seems to be making it clear that she is not trying to go back there.

“Chris was planning to make a big move for Christmas to show Rihanna how much he still cares, but there’s no way he’ll go there now that he knows she’s still got something going with Hassan,” the source went on to say.

HollywoodLife's source also claims that his friendship with Riri is nothing "but the end game for Chris is getting Rihanna back, he won’t accept that she’s moved on and believes very strongly that one day she’ll realize they belong together.” 

Oh dear. We don't think this will end too well for Chris. Jameel is gorgeous, and a billionaire and the 'Fenty Beauty' mogul seems to be very happy.