Chris Brown ONLY Pays $2,500 In Child Support . . . Baby Mama Hires LISA BLOOM!! (Uh Oh)

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Chris Brown only pays $2500 a month in child support. Now his baby mama wants more.

According to the website The Blast, Nia Guzman just hired lawyer Lisa Bloom - and Lisa is going HARD. She just filed documents in a California court to modify the child support Nia gets from Brown for their daughter, Royalty.

Chris Brown pays $2,500 per month in support and another $4,000 for a nanny. The nanny is Nia’s mother.

But Lisa Bloom wants MORE MONEY from him. in new legal papers, Nia claims Chris earned an average of $4,269,067 over the last two years, or approximately $350,000 per month. 

Here's what The Blast is saying:

Under the guidelines for child support in California, which is based off income, Nia believes she should receive $21,000 plus per month.

She also claims with that new figure, she is owed $250,000 in retroactive child support.

Back in 2016, according to TMZ:

Chris Brown annihilated his baby mama in custody court ... she lost so bad the judge ordered her to pay Chris back for the attorney fees he fronted her.

Sources connected to Chris tell us, Nia Guzman struck out on every single request regarding custody of 2-year-old Royalty. Nia wanted full custody -- DENIED. She wanted Chris to have monitored visitation -- DENIED. She wanted to deny Chris' mom the right to see the kid -- DENIED. She wanted Chris to submit to drug tests -- DENIED.

The judge maintained the status quo -- joint custody. Chris continues to get Royalty 12 days a month.

When Nia filed her legal docs asking for a change in custody the judge ordered Chris to pay her $20k so she could afford a lawyer. But she lost so hard, the judge said Nia wasn't entitled to the money and gave Chris a credit.