Chris Brown made $5 Million dollars in just one day - by selling his unwanted items at a yard sale outside his home in Los Angeles.

And according to sources, it was Chris Brown who came up with the brilliant idea of the yard sale.

He knew that a "yard sale" at his home would bring out tons of fans and spectators from all around the world. He also knew that he could sell his items easily and by hosting it at his home - he would not have to pay rent at any store.

And boy did his idea work. Thousands of people showed up, and lined up for hours, to get a chance to buy some of Chris' old luxury items.

MTO News spoke with a person from Chris' camp, who told us that the singer actually made "more than $5 million" from the sale.

It was a brilliant idea from Chris.

Here are some people waiting in line to buy from Chris' garage sale:

It seems as if his BEFORE the yard sale, Chris had run into some issues with a snitching neighbor. Sources connected to Chris tell TMZ, an LAPD officer went out during the day on Tuesday and told Chris' people they couldn't have a yard sale because he didn't have the proper permit. But, that's just dead wrong, because in the City of L.A. you don't need a permit to throw a yard sale.

TMZ's report continued, An LAPD official tells us his officers did NOT tell Chris' people they needed a permit. They say it was someone from Building and Safety who said that. But, the Building and Safety official scoffed at this, telling us they were NOT the ones who mentioned a permit.

Our Chris sources say there were multiple visits by authorities and they believe the authorities were trying to kill the yard sale, even though it was perfectly legal.