Chris Brown Has A New LATINA GIRLFRIEND . . . And We've Got BIKINI PICS . . . Of His New Bae!!

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Chris Brown is back in the news! After sitting on top of the UK charts with Lil’ Dicky for the single "Freaky Friday”, the word comes down that Breezy has a new girlfriend. Chris definitely has a type and has been seen getting playful with Ashley Summers, the same beautiful Latina girl that was seen getting play gagged by Chris. The two were on a date last night in Los Angeles, PUBLICLY!!!

All we have say is that Chris has been not so playful over the past few weeks. He was filmed apparently threatening a car park valet on a night out in Los Angeles, telling the parking attendant: “Yo man you did me dirty, trying to rape me right now. I should knock you out but I’m not.” Breezy also recently showed support for Conor McGregor, saying: "We all get crazy sometimes." Let us just hope the results of that crazy don’t show up on Ashley.

Here is an explicit pic of her

Here is another explicit pic