Chris Brown Is GOING BALD . . . New Pics Show His Hairline . . . IS IN SHAMBLES!!!

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R&B superstar Chris Brown isn't even 30 years old yet . . . and his hair is disappearing. New pics have surfaced online that show the singer's hairline is a WRECK.

A fan managed to snap a quick pic at a recent concert, from above. And the pic CLEARLY showed that Chris hairline was partially missing. The pics, which have gone viral , show that the Chris tried to hide his diminished hairline, by brushing his remaining hair - to cover up his bald spots. And it looks like he used a marker to fill in the bald spots.

As one commentator put it, "Chris got a magic marker hairline :( "

Chris Brown, who is VERY self conscious, hasn't commented yet on his hair loss, or the viral pics circulating.


On Monday, Chris pleaded not guilty to allegedly assaulting a photographer during an appearance at a Florida nightclub, according to Page Six.

Brown, who was not in court, entered the plea via his attorney, The Blast reported. His attorney also requested a “disposition/pre-trial conference.”

When the “She Ain’t You” singer walked off stage after his concert in West Palm Beach, Florida, last week, he was promptly arrested on a felony battery charge and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail.

Officials said the arrest was pegged to Brown hitting a photographer in April 2017 in Tampa. The warrant alleged Brown attacked Bennie Vines Jr., who was hired by a club to take photos during an event hosted by Brown.