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Chris Brown CAUGHT . .. With WHITE STUFF All Up His Nose!! (Is He On THAT POWDER??)


Singer Chris Brown was seen with his entourage leaving the Highlight Room after a party in Los Angeles. He appeared to have a white substance in his nose, and he kept SNIFFLING.

Gee, we wonder what that could be...

He's been having a decent 2018. Lil Dicky's "Freaky Friday" video featuring the R&B star has gone viral and has already racked up over 18 million views on Youtube alone. He has also been focusing on his art and seems to be considering putting on a live exhibit in the near future.

With all of this under his belt, he still finds the time to be a good friend. Rapper Kodak Black, who has recently been released from solitary confinement tweeted:

"Fresh out the bing... that boy @chrisbrown just dropped 10 racks on my books, that’s love."

It has often been speculated that Chris Brown has had substance abuse problems. Even The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne The God called him out for looking like he was on drugs. Brown hopped on social media to quash the rumors... but many of us are giving him the side-eye. There's clearly a problem here.

An "insider" opened up to Billboard about Brown's addiction. Here's a snippet of the article.

"Lately, says a former employee who was accustomed to scenes like this, Brown had trouble sleeping in his master bedroom upstairs and would instead watch sci-fi movies all through the night. Empty Styrofoam cups littered the table, a sign that Brown -- who hadn’t been taking his medication for the bipolar II condition he had been diagnosed with in 2014 -- had likely also been sipping lean (a mixture of promethazine/codeine syrup and a soft drink), his comedown of choice after a coke or Molly binge. "

We wish him well.