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Chris Brown is rumored to have a bad cocaine problem - and now its looks to get getting worse. A fan managed to capture video of Chris appearing to openly do a bump of blow in the middle of a nightclub.

Here is the video:

Last year Billboard magazine published a long expose on Chris Brown, claiming that he;'s addicted to cocaine and other drugs. 

Immediately after the article, Chris took to Instagram Stories to assure fans that he’s in good health. Chris did not directly deny being a drug addict.

But the singer pointed out that every time he promotes something positive within his career, another controversial topic throws a curveball at his progress.

So far Chris has not commented on the new "coke " video that's going viral.

Back in 2017 Billboard wrote an in-depth profile of Brown. Shockingly the publication reported that:

Brown was preparing for the European leg of his One Hell of a Nite Tour, but, according to various members of his team at the time, he would stay up for as long as three days in a row, snorting cocaine and dabbling in Xanax, marijuana, Molly and lean. By the time he finally left for Europe in May, according to a lawsuit filed in June, he had physically attacked his longtime manager, Michael “Mike G” Guirguis. (In the suit, Guirguis also claimed that in the four years they worked together Brown suffered from “addiction, anger control and violence issues.”)