Chris Brown and Agnez Mo could have a joint project headed our way in 2019.

The pair have previously collabed on tracks "On purpose" and "Overdose" and were even romantically linked at one point, but the Indonesian pop star spilled the tea to Rap-Up about the forthcoming project.

“It’s definitely a project together,” told Rap-Up. “Things can change just like that, but both of us really believe in the project because it’s dope records.”

“The reason why we connect so well artist to artist because I feel we can identify ourselves as real artists,” said Agnez. “We’re not afraid of our own truths. We’re all about the art. I like to consider myself as an artist who focuses on the art, who focuses on the craft, and I think both of us share the same goal or vibe.

“It’s really what we were feeling at the time,” she said. “As a writer, as a singer, as a human being, what I can learn from that experience helped me a lot through the process of my own project.”

Check out the interview below.