Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel are the stars of TLC’s new reality series Unexpected. But MTO News has learned that the teen parents have split up.

The teens have a beautiful daughter Ava, and that kept them together - for some time. But things were definitely rocky. For example, both their parents were against the couple's relationship.

Chloe and Max moved into an apartment together back in June - but that seems to have been the death knell to their relationship.

On August 12, Max subtly told fans that there was trouble in the relationship. He tweeted, “If you ever plan on dating a girl make sure you give it your all the first time because it’ll never be the same the second or third or fourth etc…” 

Then, on August 19, the two got into a very nasty Twitter exchange - and Max let it slip that Chloe had moved out of the apartment:


The two have tried their best not to reveal any more potential spoilers, but Chloe has been posting videos to her YouTube channel over the past month that look to have been shot in her parents’ house.

And this weekend, Max made it official. He removed all pics of Chloe from his Instagram and added “Single” to his bio.