Comedienne Tiffany Haddish is coming under fire from the 2000s rap star, Chingy. Tiffany claims that the two had sex 15 years ago. But Chingy claims that Tiffany is lying - and that she instead slept with his brother.

Tiffany made the stunning revelation today, on Ellen Degeneres' popular daytime talk show.

Ellen asked, Tiffany, "Have you ever dated a celebrity that the world doesn't know about?"

Tiffany laughed at first and then told Ellen, "Chingy?"

Ellen then followed up, "Oh yeah, did you and Chingy date?"

Then Tiffany added details saying, "I mean it was a hook up. . . . That was the early 2000s y'all I don't even know if that counts anymore."

Well Chingy immediately took to Instagram to shoot down Tiffany's claim. Chingy told fans, "That's a lie, and since it's a lie I'm going to tell the truth."

The 2000s rapper added, "She used to hook up with my brother, not me."

Here's Chingy's response: