Rapper Chingy says he can relate to R. Kelly's situation, comparing it to is own scandal back in the day where he was accused of bedding transexual female, Sidney Starr.

The rapper, who is currently supporting B2K's 'Millennium Tour,' sat down with TwoBees TV where he discussed his situation:

"Why I compare this false allegation with this person I didn't know with R. Kelly and his situation is because I've been in a situation where somebody's lying on me and it's been presented—lying on me several times [with] no evidence—and it's been presented to the public as I've done something. It's been slammed into their heads that I've done something only in these 'media outlets' and only from these news sources that say, 'Oh, Chingy did this,'" he said.

"I relate to R. Kelly's situation in that way. From the standpoint of the media is saying this, but there's no evidence. I don't know if he did it or not. I just know they're trying to slander his name because he's R. Kelly and they're blowing the situation up very bid to do it. That's the part I'm familiar with."

Chingy seems to forget that there is evidence in respect to the Kelly case - actual video footage. He then also points fingers towards the parents.

"And also the part that they said about the mothers, the parents sold him the child...well, I've been in many situations where I've been at afterparties or gone to afterparties and mothers will come with they daughters and they little cousins, nieces or whatever. I've been on an elevator where a mother pushed their daughter on the elevator with me like, 'You go with him.' My security push them off and [the mom] will push them back on. So, I've seen that. That exists. It's out there. But most of all...the destroying of the black male character," he said.

He also implies that Kelly is getting so much attention because he is Black.

"Right now this isn't really about color, it's about destroying the image and the character. Well, you can say it's about color, because it seems to be all Black men while your Harvey Weinstein's get swept under the table. You're hearing about that. 'Cause his trial was this week and I think got delayed to May, but you're not hearing about that...but you're still hearing about Michael Jackson and R. Kelly."

He seems to forget that Kelly's original trial as delayed by years.

Sidney Starr later admitted that she lied about the claims she made about Chingy, but by then, he had already lost a record deal.

Starr currently stars in VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop: New York.'