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Chinese Kitty let more than the cat out of the bag when she revealed that Trina slept with Meek Mill.

During a recent interview, Chinese Kitty talked about an incident when Nicki confronted her about smashing her ex. The reality television star denied the claims. She told Nicki that she didn't really know Meek and they've never exchanged text messages or DMs.

Nicki explained that she received messages from folks telling her that she looked dumb posting pics with Chinese Kitty as she had been with her ex. Kitty also alleged that Nicki told her that it was ok to tell her the truth because Trina slept with Meek and she's still cool with Trina...


Nicki unfriended her anyway and they were not friends in real life anymore.

“She ain’t never speak to me after that, but I still supported her. I still posted her…I figured in my head the only reason she DMed me was to find out if I had sex with Meek or not.”

In response, Trina posted a clip from an old interview, but the message was loud and clear.

Do you believe that Meek and Trina got it on, or do you think either Kitty or Nicki were they both just trying to be messy?