China & US To Test Potential Coronavirus Vaccine On Poor Africans!!


The Coronavirus epidemic is spreading all across the globe. And scientists need to find a vaccination fast, or else millions of people will die.

Well, the United States and China have a plan - to test out their potential vaccines on human guinea pigs.

And those human guinea pics are located in the Democratic Republic of The Congo, the poorest country in the world. On average, their people live on about $1 a day.

So many human rights advocates are horrified by the announcement, by Congolese officials yesterday, that they would be using their people as human guinea pigs for a coronavirus vaccine.

Here's an official explaining the details of the new tests:

Testing controversial, and possibly deadly drugs on Black people is nothing new. 

In the 1940s, doctors in the United States purposely infected Black people with syphilis - and watched them die. The "tests" on Black Americans were done so that doctors could better understand how to treat the disease.