Childish Gambino's Baby Mama Is THICK . . . People Are Calling Her . . . A PAWG!!

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Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover was coming under fire last week - when images of his babys mother leaked online. Some of his fans were upset that he was in an interracial relationship.

Well, the scandal seems to be over now, not because people CAME TO THEIR SENSES, and realized that in 2018 interracial relationships are as common as ever. It's because of Michelle's body type.


Folks are referring to her as a PAWG. A PAWG is an acronym for "White Girl With A Phat Azz." We guess some people feel that if a white girl has a healthy figure - then all is good.


Donald has been having a GREAT year though. His TV show ATLANTA is critically acclaimed as one of the best shows out. He also has a new movie out called Solo, which is expected to break records. And his new song "This Is America" - has already broken YouTube's "Fastest to 100 Million Views" record.

He has plenty to be happy about. And so does Michelle.

Last week we told you that Donald had a complete BRAIN MELTDOWN - when he was asked how he could consider himself to be a "socially woke" Black man, when he's dating a White woman.

The question appears to have caught Donald OFF GUARD because he was SHOOK - on his press tour - and almost immediately he started speaking GIBBERISH.

The platinum selling rapper/actor first looked into the camera with a nervous look on his face - then he started rambling on about "love" and"protection" which seemed to be totally outside the scope of the question asked.