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Chief Keef's BABY MAMA Snitched . . . Says She Had Tekashi KIDNAPPED!!


The kidnapping and robbery of buzzing New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine appears to now be solved. Chief Keef's baby mama Slim Danger just snitched on herself - and a man named Black Jezuss.

Last night Slim went on social media and bragged about setting up Tekashi - to Black Jezuss. You'll recall that Tekashi flew Slim Danger to NYC, where he took her on a shopping spree, then had relations with her. Tekashi defiled Chief Keef's ex, so that it would embarrass the Chicago rapper, who he has beef with.

Well now it appears that Slim Danger may have went along with Tekashi - so she could gather intelligence that she could use to SET HIM UP later.

Look at what she posted online. Look at the man's neck, he appears to be wearing Tekashi's chain.

Almost immediately Slim Danger DELETED the post and made her page private.