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Chicago's Gone Wild: Gang Member Machine Gun Shootout On Freeway!!

The city of Chicago is devolving into utter chaos, MTO News has learned. Yesterday a brazen gang-land shooting was conducted in broad daylight - in the middle of a busy freeway.


The incident occurred on West 87th and the Dan Ryan Expressway - smack dab in the center of Chicago.

In the video, which you can see below, traffic was heavy and the gang members decided to take advantage of the situation. MTO News confirmed that two gang members jumped out of a car carrying automatic rifles and began shooting at the opps - with no regard for innocent civilians.

The entire incident was captured by the dash camera of an Uber driver - who turned over the video to police as evidence.

The incident was so brazen that many in the City are calling it the most brazen act of violence the city has seen since the days of Al Capone.