Chicago Teen SHOT For Trying To Sell Weed To Non-Smoker!! (Graphic Video)


An 18-year-old teenager was shot 3 times, inside a Chicago gas station recently, and the incident all began because the teen and his friend were trying to make a couple of dollars during the quarantine, by selling marijuana.

Link to the video - warning it contains graphic footage

The incident all unfolded when the teen and his friend approached a man and asked him if he wanted to buy marijuana. The man said "no," but the teens continued to pressure the man to make a purchase.

The man explained that he was a non-marijuana smoker, and began arguing with one of the teens. Things apparently went left from there. Within a few seconds, the man pulled a gun, and then someone outside the store began shooting.

Then one of the teens who was allegedly selling weed was shot three times.

Luckily the teen survived the shooting. Police say the man who pulled the weapon was shot in the hand, hip and leg, and is listed in fair condition at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Link to the video - warning it contains graphic footage