Chicago Shooter Gets BAILED OUT OF JAIL . . . And Then He Allegedly MURDERS 17-Year-Old BOY!! (DETAILS)


The streets of Chicago are even WORSE than we imagined. And a new story coming out of the city is making national headlines.

Tramian Barnes is currently facing trial for the murder of 19-year-old Alex Anderson. According to prosecutors, the two men planned on meeting for a drug transaction in Chicago - and Tramain allegedly killed and then robbed him.

Tramain was given a $1 million bail, and was released after posting 10 percent of the $1 million bail Judge Donald Panarese Jr. gave him two years ago.

Once out, police say, he resumed doing what he does best - robbing drug dealers.

Prosecutors claim that Tramain and his girlfriend Kenyatta Alexander arranged to buy marijuana from a 17-year-old Chicago boy named Anthony Heatherly. But when Anthony showed up to the deal, he was in for a surprise.

Here is how the Chicago Sun Times is reporting it:

That spring afternoon, Barnes and Alexander got into Heatherly’s black Hyundai while Barnes’ girlfriend pulled up next to them in her Nissan, Reardon said.

Once inside the Hyundai, Alexander allegedly fired into Heatherly’s chest. Barnes and Alexander then pushed Heatherly out of his car and Barnes got into the driver’s seat and fled, following his girlfriend as she drove off, Reardon said.

When Barnes drove away, Heatherly was dragged several feet and run over by his own car, Reardon said.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident, and a witness identified Barnes and Alexander as the pair who got into Heatherly’s Hyundai, Reardon said.