Chicago Rapper Lil Durk's Artist OTF DEDE was badly beaten by his enemies - and then the opps VIOLATED him in the most humiliating way. And the entire violation was caught on camera and Livestreamed to millions.

The goons did more than just beat OFT Dede - they cut his dreads on camera. Then, he was reportedly forced to do a s*xual act on a woman.

According to social media reports, Dede was caught lacking by the opps - who set him up. A reliable Tweeter from Chicago claims that he got set up by a woman, who lured him to a hotel - where he was ambushed.

The tweeter says that his enemies burst into the hotel room with guns, and robbed Dede. Then afterward, the gun-toting men filmed the rapper - as they cut off his dreads. Later they allegedly forced him to perform oral on the girl's anus and vagina. The woman was on her menstruation, and the goons allegedly filmed it.

Here's the video of Dede getting his hair cut. We're not publishing the other video, which may be considered rape: