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Chicago rapper Towkio has been accused of rape by a woman on social media.

The young woman, who is known as Twitter user @pppermint tweeted:

“February 2016, I was raped, by Preston Oshita aka Towkio," she tweeted.


"He invited me to his apartment in Wicker Park, I showed up and I had absolutely no intention on sleeping with him. I had a yeast infection and I knew that if I had engaged in intercourse it would be excruciatingly painful for me...

"I arrived to Preston’s apartment and he coerced me into having sex with him. He stressed that his two roommates were gone and that we could be “as loud as we wanted”...

"I said no, at least, five times. It got to the point where he stood up and literally was pulling my arms to lead me into his bedroom. I figured, if I had sex with him he would stop pressuring me...

"Eventually, I gave in to his coerciveness. We started to have sex and after about 10 minutes, it was extremely painful. I was so scared. I could not take the pain anymore of him penetrating my body...

"I said to him, “Preston, can we please stop? It’s starting to really hurt”... and he replied “No, I didn’t cum yet.

"As he continued to penetrate me, I was paralyzed with fear, thinking, “wow, I’m being raped right now.”

She continued the story, telling her followers that she physically pushed him off her as he climaxed, he then allegedly "pulled out" and ejaculated in her mouth, before going downstairs to get some pizza.

The Chicago rapper responded to the allegations of Twitter, writing:

“To provide necessary context, she and I were in an ongoing consensual sexual relationship dating back to 2014 which even included other women. I only say this to provide context and in no way to victim shame.

“It is my hope that her and I can engage in a dialogue in a place where she feels comfortable to discuss our past relationship and her feelings.”

He has since deleted his Twitter account.