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Chicago Rapper KILLED Outside Cabrini Green . . . Shot With His OWN GUN!! (Video)


MTO News obtained DISTURBING Footage - taken outside the row houses in the DANGEROUS Cabrini Green neighborhood in Chicago. The video shows a man being AMBUSHED and then MURDERED. The man is believed to be a local Chicago rapper.

The incident took place outside the rowhouses of Chicago's Cabrini Green neighborhood. In the video, a young Black man is shot and apparently killed outside the Cabrini Green row houses.

The video was taken by surveillance footage outside the row houses.

The video starts with the man - a known local rapper - getting ambushed by a group. He's shot and immobilized from the waist down. The shot may have paralyzed him.


The victim managed to pull out a gun and try and defend himself - even though he was paralyzed. But it didn't work. You see, another man jumps him, takes his gun and shoots him in the head. The victim doesn't move after the final gun shot.


The Cabrini Green neighborhood became famous in the 1990s - as the most MURDEROUS housing projects in the world. The projects were so bad that the government eventually KNOCKED DOWN the big buildings and replaced them with row houses. Unfortunately, the murders have continued.