A Chicago rapper named Billy Da Kidd was allegedly kidnapped, after an apparent home invasion.

Police are still  looking for Billy Da Kidd, real name William Pickering, they say he's been missing now for almost 5 days. His friends have released a missing poster for the rapper, and asked anyone with any info - including any ransom demands - to reach out to his manager.

According to online reports, Billy was last seen driving home on Sunday. 

When his friends went to his home looking for him, the home was ransacked, and it appeared that a home invasion took place. Also Billy's car was still there, which suggests he was kidnapped and placed in another car.

Billy Da Kidd is the only White person ever to be affiliated with Chicago's infamous Black P Stone gang.

Here is the missing person poster:


Billy Da Kidd blew up on social media after dropping his first single "Demons" independently and attracted a legion of fans domestically and internationally. 

Within a month the video for Demons received over 200,000 views, and Billy Da Kid found himself in his first interview with DJ VLAD detailing his incarcerations and affiliations. 

Here's the video: