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Chicago Rapper Confesses On Instagram . . . To KILLING 3 People!! (Claims Self Defense)


A Chicago rapper named Savage Figure aka Big Homie CC — just gained more street cred than ANYONE IN HIP HOP. According to reports he killed THREE PEOPLE.

Here's what allegedly happened. Savage was filming a music video in Chicago - when he and his crew were allegedly approached by three  men. According to Savage's Instagram account, the men were there to do DEADLY HARM to him - and so he pulled out and tried to protect himself.

Well Savage was lucky. The men pulled out PHONES and tried to record the incident - and that gave Savage enough time to pull his gun and allegedly shoot the three men.

The men alleged shot at Savage - hitting him in the face and arm. Savage allegedly SHOT BACK - and the rivals weren't so lucky.

Savage claims that all three men were killed.


Here's the post where Savage brags about killing the men.

Savage's Instagram is FULL of gun paraphernalia and violence. Chicago is really wild out here. Be SAFE.