Chicago Rapper Ayoo Kd Is SHOT . . . And ROBBED ON LIVE!!!

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Chicago rapper Ayoo KD was shot after goons broke into his Atlanta condo and robbed him. The Chicago native was on LIVE when the home invasion occurred. 

In the below video, you see Chicago rapper Ayoo KD talking on social media. Then, all of a sudden, the goons burst into his Atlanta condo. According to reports, the goons had multiple guns and SHOT the rapper as soon as they burst in the door.

The robbers are believed to have gotten away with more than $50K in cash, weed, and jewelry.

Luckily Ayoo KD managed to survive the shooting. He's currently in the hospital, in stable condition.

Back in July, a video went viral that allegedly showed Ayoo KD getting jumped by Tekashi 6ix9ine’s camp. Since then, Ayoo KD has taken to the internet to prove the video wrong with some videos of his own.

In one video, the rapper looks wide-eyed to show off that he was not touched or hit in the face during any altercation. In the second video, the rapper appears to be over another person who has red hair, and can be seen repeatedly hitting them.