CHICAGO: Looting, Gunshots In Rich Neighborhood, Cops Beat! (Graphic Video)


Last night, the city of Chicago descended into complete chaos. MTO News has learned that what started out as protests turned into a city-wide riot, which centered largely in Chicago's most affluent areas.

Looters broke into just about every major retailer - from high end stores like Chanel and Gucci, to car makers like Tesla. Yes, they even stole cars.

And looters broke into a bank, and stole an ATM.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has been trying her best to keep the peace in the city, but last night it seemed as though it was a complete break down of society.

In addition to rioting and looting, onlookers report that gang members were also roaming the streets and having gun battles with rivals. Remember, this is not in the hood - this is happening in Chicago's wealthiest neighborhoods.

Here are some videos: