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Chicago Goons Shoot Their Opp & His 3 Yr Old Daughter Both In The HEAD On Instagram Live!!

The streets of Chicago are getting so dangerous, that a man can't even take his kids out - without fear of the children being SHOT. MTO News has confirmed that a 26-year-old man is currently in critical condition after both he and his 3 year old daughter were shot in the head on Thursday evening.


Luckily a good samaritan pulled the child out of the car - where her wounded father laid dying - and saved the baby's life. Watch the harrowing video:

According to Chicago police, the father and his 3-year-old daughter were in a vehicle around 7:20 p.m. Thursday when they pulled up alongside another vehicle.

The person in the vehicle turned out to be one of the opps. He pulled out a weapon and opened fire on the girl's father striking him in the face, and grazing the 3 year old child on the head.

MTO News has learned that the the word on the street is that the father was allegedly carjacked by the gunman days earlier. The streets say that when the dad saw the men in the vehicle, he confronted them about the alleged carjacking, and was shot in the head over it.

Doctors are currently working feverishly to try and save his life. Luckily, the 3 year old's physical injuries were minor. She has a small cut on her head, and has been released from the hospital, MTO News has learned.