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Chicago GOON Threatens To 'SLAP KANYE IN THE FACE' . . . Calls Yeezy A 'B*TCH' . . . He Really Wants To PUT HANDS ON HIM!!! (Is Kanye In Trouble . . . With The CHI STREETS??)


Chicago gangster rapper Rico Recklezz is coming out and THREATENING Kanye West. Why is he coming so hard at Kim's husband? Well according to Rico Recklezz, Kanye is not representing the Chi properly with his recent antics.

In an interview with the website Hip Hops Revival, Rico went OFF...

“Shout out Kanye West, boy,” Rico said. “His ass be acting like a girl sometimes. He supposed to be from Chicago. Stop acting like a girl. Like for real. You got kids now. Get off that b***h 'fore I have to come smack yo face through.”

Kanye has not responded to this charge.