CHICAGO Goon Gets Killed On Live . . . By His OWN GUN . . . Victim TOOK Gun And Fired!!

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A Chicago man was shot and killed by his own gun - according to local reports - and the entire incident was caught on LIVE.

The incident started off as a one-on-one fight between two men - and quickly the incident tuned DEADLY. A man RAN UP on one of the men fighting, and put a gun to his head. But the GUNMAN made a horrible mistake - and it may have cost him his life.

You see the "victim" turned the situation to his advantage - by quickly TAKING the gun - from his attacker. Once the victim had the gun in his possession - he went on the offensive. As the below video shows,

The victim first CONFRONTED his attaced - by pointing the gun at him. The attacker seemed to BEG FOR HIS LIFE - at first, then he decided to run. And that's when the "victim" started shooting.

According to two alleged witnesses - who spoke out on social media - the man who pulled the gun initially has died of multiple gunshot wounds.