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Chicago Gang Member Plays Russian Roulette On IG For CLOUT!!!

A man purportedly tied to Chicago street gangs decided that he was going to do the unthinkable on Instagram, in hopes of attaining clout and likes. MTO News confirmed that the man pulled out a .38 revolver and played a game of Russian Roulette for his viewers.


And yes, the gun was loaded.

The man pulled out the gun and after a short speech, put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. And the gun fired.

Luckily for the man, the recoil of the revolver pushed the barrel away from his head - and so the bullet missed.

The alleged gangster immediately dropped to his knees and held his ears, which were clearly damaged by the gun blast. He seemed disorientated, and scared.

His friend, who filmed the entire incident without flinching, then began making fun of him. "You almost died<' The cameraman can be heard saying.

"Stupid goofy a** little boy, you're not a real n*gg*," His friend also says.

The plan of getting likes and clout worked. MTO News learned that the video has now been seen more than 2 million times.