Chicago Gang Leader Gets BRUTALLY BEAT UP On IG Live By His Girlfriend!!


One of the leaders of Chicago's notorious P Stone Gang was brutally beaten on Instagram Live two weeks ago - MTO News has learned. And the beating was dished out by the gang member's baby mama.


The video starts when the gang member Moe - who MTO News has confirmed is considered "OG" or having leader status within the P Stone gang - complaining about his baby's mother's new boyfriend. The viral video has already been viewed more than 1,000,000 times.

But when his girlfriend heard Moe talking about his baby's mother, she flew into a rage and started beating on him.

Moe's girlfriend can be heard saying, "Stop worrying about your baby mama, when you got a b*tch. What the f**k is wrong with you."

Then Moe gets violent, and grabs the P Stone leader by the hair and punches him repeatedly.

Moe appears to be either too drunk or too high to defend himself. But even if he was completely sober, it's not clear that Moe could have defeated his much larger girlfriend.

MTO News contacted the Chicago police about the assault and asked them for comment. So far we haven't heard back from them.