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Chet Hanks' Ex-GF Says His Parents Cut Him Off For Smoking Weed & Drinking Alcohol!!

According to his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker, Chet Hanks has been cut off by his parents, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, for smoking weed, drinking and basically partying his life away.

"Our relationship was OK, but he wasn't OK. He wasn't treating me bad, he was just dealing with his mom and dad cutting him off because he started drinking and smoking weed again, and that wasn't in their rule book to support him. So they cut him off," Kiana said to Radar.


Chet Hanks had planned to have a "white boy summer" -- but it seems his plans will be on a budget this year.

"His apartment was up, his roommate was moving and he didn't have anywhere to go, to be there when nobody was. He would have bad days when he would get texts from his parents and fight so many demons and so many issues," she added.

Kiana also said that Chet is dealing with a lot of "demons" from his childhood.