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Cher reportedly wants to be frozen when she has passed on - according to Radar Online.

“She has recently become obsessed with researching cryonics,” a source close to the singer told Radar. “She figures she’s worked so hard with both doctors and sticking to a healthy lifestyle to look decades younger than she is, why not continue that when she’s gone?”

Cher has worked hard to remain as youthful looking, so the idea of her wanting to be preserved after death is not a far-fetched one.

“Everyone’s pretty horrified by it and laughs it off, saying she’s got a few years left in her yet to decide for sure, but she’s determined,” the source said.

While she is still here, Cher has spent her time on social media rallying against far-right president Trump. She recently performed at this week's MET Gala, belting out hits such as “Waterloo,” “Strong Enough” “Believe” “Found Someone” and “Turn Back Time.”